Stretching from coast-to-coast of the Australian continent, the Indian Pacific train line is the age-old steel track that holds Southern Australia together. As one of the longest train journeys in the world, the Indian Pacific route covers some of the most fascinating sights and sounds that this country has to offer. Our Indian Pacific packages are carefully curated and divided into six exciting adventures, all of which are multi-sensory experiences which immerse you into the landscapes and cultures of Southern Australia.

Experience the outback and relive historic Australian journeys towards the East through off-train experiences which give you the chance to pause and take it all in like never before. Watch the mighty Blue Mountains and stand in awe of the breathtaking expanse that is Nullarbor Plain. Enjoy everything the Australian countryside has to offer while sipping on fine wine and dining on cuisine which celebrates local ingredients and cultural traditions.

Here at Aussie Trains, we take pride in this beautiful and unique country and celebrate everything it has to offer. From the urban delights of Sydney to Perth’s sunny Western edge, we’ve explored it all and look forward to sharing the places we’ve found over the years. Browse our Indian Pacific packages and prices below to discover what Australia has in store for you and make the most of our early booking discounts today!

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