Embarking on The Great Southern journey means tracing the picturesque East Coast while indulging in fine dining experiences. From December through February, this adventure promises a delightful fusion of art, history, culinary delights, culture, stunning landscapes, and wine. With a perfect balance of vibrant cityscapes and tranquil coastal retreats, the Great Southern follows the sun from Brisbane to Adelaide. As sunlight streams through the cabin windows, painting the passing scenery in vibrant hues of green, guests forge connections with fellow travelers, turning their voyage into a summer of shared laughter and cherished memories.

Southern Wine and Wildlife

Embark on a wine and wildlife escapade through South Australia, from the untamed allure of Kangaroo Island to the vine-covered hills of the Barossa Valley. Setting off from Brisbane aboard the Great Southern, you’ll trace the coastline through enchanting destinations like Coffs Harbour and the Hunter Valley, pausing for urban exploration in Melbourne before arriving in Adelaide. There, prepare for a continuation of epicurean pleasures amid a backdrop of stunning landscapes, where local delicacies, exquisite wines, and breathtaking scenery await at every turn.

Gourmet Escape

Become one with nature in the stunning landscapes of the ancient Grampians before enjoying a tour of cultural capital Canberra. Experience everything that Mt. Tambourine has to offer and spend incredible nights aboard the Great Southern, a full winery tour and a day at Australia’s most awarded distillery.

Adelaide Delight

Our Adelaide Delight package lets you enjoy 3 nights aboard the Great Southern with stunning meals on board, beachside dining in Coffs Harbour, a tour of Adelaide central market and a journey through the beautiful Hunter region.

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